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After the first few shuffles, the computer almost always picked the right card since the deck wasn't very random.
Apple has launched a new "talking" version of its iPod shuffle music player on Wednesday, which uses VoiceOver technology to speak aloud the titles of songs and the names of artists and playlists.
Two different shuffles of the words 1234 and 5678 are, for instance, 15236784 and 51236748.
The demand has just been unreal," Lacy said, adding that he has already pre-sold 55 of the Shuffles sight unseen.
The first 100 Shuffles that arrived at the Apple Store in the Glendale Galleria on Monday sold out within an hour and the Northridge store was wiped out in three hours, said employee Rob Lamog.
Shuffle" Step - when the QB resets his back foot and then shuffles forward in six-inch increments to allow the routes to develop.
During the slow, turning shuffles, the dancers who were limber enough would bend their knees until their fingers almost touched the floor.
After each of 300 such shuffles, DiPiero noted the deck's reordering and used the data to write computer programs simulating 15 different nine-shuffle sequences.
In ``Power Punch Step and Kick,'' Tamara Talarico blends upper-body karate and boxing moves, kicks and shuffles with a step aerobic routine.