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shut-off valves "butterfly" for the water supply network and facilities for drinking water;
Finally, shut-off nozzles can minimize drool in molding operations where the press is frequently disengaged from the mold, such as in many two-shot molding applications.
The app also allows the homeowner to remotely manage the home's water shut-off valve.
SPLURGE Delonghi Scultura Champagne kettle PS100, Debenhams THIS super-swish kettle from Delonghi has 3kW rapid boil technology with auto shut-off for energy efficiency, plus a viewing window for an accurate fill.
The department, quite frankly, isn't concerned about the status of the homes when it has to do a shut-off.
iGo Surge Protector is an eight outlet surge protector with shut-off and recovery to reduce vampire power.
Pull the pilot control shut-off lever to the locked position.
It includes a calibrated balance valve for flow and a maximum range of control; a non-slam check valve for positive shut-off free of water hammer or valve; and a shut-off valve that includes a calibrated nameplate and memory button so the entire valve can be returned to its initial balanced position after shut-off.
Los Angeles officials delayed action Wednesday on a proposal to allow apartment owners to install one automatic gas shut-off valve for each building rather than for each unit.
Perhaps the screwdriver shutoff could be replaced with a handle or knob shut-off.
Meanwhile, blood flow shut-off and restoration both unleash free radicals--highly reactive molecules that disrupt cells and complicate the capability of the smallest blood vessels, called capillaries, to nourish tissue and keep it alive.
The charger incorporates a timer with a 6-hour automatic shut-off design, and accepts and charges either one or two batteries simultaneously.