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But to the great astonishment of D'Artagnan, the shutter remained closed.
The fool-nigger had dropped everything, to throw the shutter open and let off that Martini-Henry.
Beware of opening the shutter, for fear of the light being seen through the window.
My evidence showed that the door had been fastened upon the inner side, and the windows were blocked by old-fashioned shutters with broad iron bars, which were secured every night.
The flapping-to of the shutter would naturally have been attributed to the wind.
We cannot take upon ourselves to say whether, through the almost imperceptible chink of the shutter, the young man witnessed the conclusion of this shocking scene; but at the very moment when they were hanging the two martyrs on the gibbet he passed through the terrible mob, which was too much absorbed in the task, so grateful to its taste, to take any notice of him, and thus he reached unobserved the Tol-Hek, which was still closed.
I mean only from one of those windows--such grand ones as you have here--if you will let me open the shutters.
Heavy, wooden shutters there were to close the window apertures against hostile arrows, and these Mugambi was engaged in lowering when Lady Greystoke appeared upon the veranda.
By the last rays of the setting sun I looked at the familiar row of windows in front, and saw that the shutters were all closed.
Such were, and such continued to be, the pursuits of the party, for half an hour after the shutters were closed, and candles were placed in various parts of the hall, as substitutes for departing daylight.
She closed the shutters, and went back to the bed; and put her Confession in its customary place at night, under her pillow.
Altogether, the operation on the miser's mind was a task that Godfrey would be sure to hand over to his more daring and cunning brother: Dunstan had made up his mind to that; and by the time he saw the light gleaming through the chinks of Marner's shutters, the idea of a dialogue with the weaver had become so familiar to him, that it occurred to him as quite a natural thing to make the acquaintance forthwith.