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823), should also be at least nuanced, in light of Bardaisan, Clement, the Apocalypse of Peter's Rainer Fragment, parts of the Sibylline Oracles, and arguably of the NT, especially Paul's letters.
The last king of ancient Rome, the legendary Tarquinius Superbus, was eager to acquire the nine Sibylline Books.
The Sibylline books were probably brought only later from the temple of Jupiter on the Capitol and placed beneath the pedestal of the statue of Apollo.
The end, then, seems located more in the sibylline realm than in the strictly rational worlds of Madeleine and Esther.
He treats attitudes regarding sexual wrongdoing, intermarriage, and related issues in the later Enoch literature, the Sibylline Oracles, other Apocalypses and Testaments, Septuagintal writings, the Psalms of Solomon, wisdom writings, and Judeo-Hellenistic works.
So let us not imagine anima bridging and mediating inward only as a sibylline benefactrice, teaching us about all the things we did not know, the girl guide whose hand we hold.
Justin Crump, CEO of Sibylline Ltd, a risk consultancy firm, shared Thompson's view that working in Yemen is not easy.
While fans post sightings of film locations on the web, the exhibition at the Red Dragon Centre boasts an array of the show's creatures including Sontaran, the Sibylline Sisters, Cyberman, Clockwork Man, as well as The Hath.
The most-cited version of the poem is the one published in Sibylline Leaves (1817) in which Coleridge added the marginalia and the epitaph.
45) In Frogs, the agon between the two poets, although literary, is determined by a question that concerns the politics and the city; nevertheless, it is not the comic hero--and judge of the contest--who has the answers but Aeschylus whose sibylline response contrasts with Trygaeus's clarity.
5) Like that of Irene Chayes (only a year after Empson's), (6) this is a "Coleridgean" reading of early Coleridge, inasmuch as it applies to the Rime the elaborated clarities and energies of intellect which already shine through the lines of the poem's earliest version and at which the poet himself had largely arrived through the medium of his prose by the time of its most decisive (if not quite final) revision, published in Sibylline Leaves (1817).
3) A titre d'exemple, je cite le premier paragraphe d'une postface aussi touchante que sibylline dans laquelle Carbonnier rend hommage A un doctorant francais et explique pourquoi, s'il avait eu le choix, il aurait prefere etre invite aux travaux preparatoires de 1904 sur le Code civil francais plutot qu'A ceux de 1804 et de 1945 :