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Judge Niclas Parry, sitting at Mold Crown Court, told Roberts, now living in Harefield, Middlesex, that it was "a sickening act of the violation of a child".
It's sickening that someone would use such extreme violence on such a vulnerable member of society.
WITH all the good causes to donate to, it is sickening that people send money to murderers.
Melamine contamination in milk products has been blamed for the sickening of nearly 300,000 babies and deaths of at least six infants in China in recent years.
Summary: Police investigated a third woman in relation to a sickening case of child abuse.
Charlie Turpin, a committee member of the Spenborough branch of the Legion, said: "It's sickening, absolutely sickening, to see the work that Kirklees Council have put in to be ruined by vandals".
The area of the cricket pitch at Ormsby Hall is historically plagued with problem youths drinking and damaging property, particularly in the summer months, with this sickening incident being the latest and most disturbing.
JOHN FRANCOME has put up a four-figure reward following the sickening attack on a former racehorse that resulted in his being destroyed, writes Graham Green.
WHAT sickens me more than anything else is the sickening bias towards Liverpool players shown by match officials.
SIMI VALLEY - Solvent used in silk screening spilled from a carrier company truck Wednesday, sickening the driver and forcing police to shut down Tapo Street for several hours.
The images of battle are disturbing and sometimes sickening, and stories about the folly and chaos of war will be demoralizing to any sane person.