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In a nutshell: Hollywood at its most sickeningly self-important.
What should have been a most pleasant afternoon turned sickeningly sour when, as if from nowhere, a stray dog appeared on the scene and inflicted Master Woods with a truly vicious mauling.
This was a sickeningly violent and unnecessarily savage attack on a man in his 60s.
Sickeningly some of the forged badges belonged to genuine users who have since died.
The sickeningly smug Mr Winner thinks he's such a loveable rogue we'll all adore him for treating his female factotums Dinah and Joan like scum.
They are intelligently written and sweet without being sickeningly so and the illustrations by Nick Price complement the writing brilliantly.
This facilitated candidates to write in their own voice but within a very limiting framework, which allowed them to create and maintain a (sometimes sickeningly violent) atmosphere but provided few opportunities for character or plot development," the report said.
But why stick to logic when you can scapegoat the car owner, rake in the punitive taxes and appear sickeningly virtuous all at the same time?
He sickeningly claimed it would hurt the families of the youngsters he and Hindley, who died in prison in 2002, tortured and murdered.
Last week we discussed who is happy, with plumbers, builders and hairdressers all coming out sickeningly pleased.
It has a sickeningly sweet and tarry odour and is flammable.
It helps that both actors are extremely personable (and refrain from getting sickeningly cute about it) and, while hardly deities, they're attractive enough to watch in frolic mode for long stretches of screen time.