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SCOTLAND'S sickliest kids live in Edinburgh, a study has suggested.
We must now be the unfittest and sickliest team in our division; in fact we are turning into a bit of a joke.
the sickliest thought, that keeps its home In a sad heart, give gentle way for once, And quitting its pain-anchored hold, put forth
22) "Spasmodic" and "Byronism" became interchangeable terms thanks to Thomas Carlyle's essay "On Sir Walter Scott" in the 1837 London and Westminster Review: "So bounteous was Nature to us; in the sickliest of recorded ages, when British Literature lay all puking and sprawling in Werterism, Byronism, and other Sentimentalism tearful or spasmodic (fruit of internal wind)" (London and Westminster Review 28 [1837-38], repr.