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7 : an opinion or position viewed as opposite or different from another <Listen to my side of the story.
We have found that a systematic approach, starting with characterization of both sides of the failure to identify where the failure occurred, followed by characterization of the chemistry of the failed layer, leads to a root cause determination in many situations.
Advanced version: Hold a medicine ball between the ankles or knees while moving legs side to side.
The highest median price per room-$199,500--was reported on the West Side.
JR East, Mitsui, Kokusai Kanko Kaikan, Kashima Yaesu Development and Nippon Oil are jointly developing on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station a project involving the construction of high-rise twin towers.
Make a small clip on each side to open up the seam.
Grabel suggests using plants in side yards to create privacy.
If the measured temperature differential exceeds this level consistently on one side, active steps must be taken by maintenance to bring the equipment back to level or in alignment.
Integrating the network and storage side together in an ASIC provides a faster, cheaper solution, but it also requires that the vendor have core competencies in ASIC design and massive parallel processing as well as in storage and network technologies.
In The Argument Culture: Moving from Debate to Dialogue, Deborah Tannen indicts our educational system for perpetuating what she calls a "culture of critique," an "argument culture" with dualistic tendencies both to cast all complex issues as simpler debates with a right side and a wrong side, and to try to win arguments at all costs, no matter what we believe (257).