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Righties are partial to the right side line and lefties to the left one.
The Minister of State also met Michael Moore UK Secretary of State for Scotland on the side lines of the Edinburgh International Culture Summit in Edinburgh.
During a meeting held on the side lines of the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress in Dubai, the two sides discussed the possibility of accrediting Jordan as a major destination for the UAE patients seeking medical treatment abroad, and ways to increase the number of Jordanian nursing staff working in the UAE.
Mr Garlinge, on the side lines, heard people praising our side rugby and all round teamwork One spectator was less than complementary about St Aidan's tactics but it would be unsporting to repeat exactly what he said.
When a boy of 12 drowned in a pond, two community police officers just stood on the side lines watching as they didn't have the "necessary training" to jump in.
5 If the ball, or a player carrying the ball, goes out of play on the side lines, the opposing team takes possession and the game restarts with a simple penalty.