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If taxis can use that side road then so can small buses but, I forgot, "oldies" are not wanted in central Cardiff, nor the disabled.
A trip down yet another side road to Hamoa Beach is also highly recommended.
REFERRING to the headlines of school closures bringing Birmingham to its knees, a lot of parents couldn't get to schools as the majority of the side roads were full of ice and are dangerous.
Officials appealed to motorists to obey traffic laws and urged drivers who come from side roads to ensure the main road is clear to avoid such tragedies.
In the majority of incidents, the 'at fault' driver collided with the innocent party's stationary vehicle - usually in a car park - or was reversing from a driveway or narrow side road.
The drama unfolded at Middleton, Greater Manchester, when the wedding car shot down a steep hill, veered into a side road and crashed into a council van before hitting a wall.
A tower-fabricating plant will be built on a 20- to 25-acre greenfield site west of the steel works on Baseline and Allen Side Road.
Danby is vice president, forming development, AstenJohnson, Research and Development, 48 Richardson Side Road, Kanata, Ontario K2K 1X2, Canada; email roger.
The crash happened when the ambulance, travelling to a traffic accident, collided with the 86-year-old man's Rover as he tried to turn into a side road in Highcliffe, Dorset.
Signage advising of the timing of the side road closures will be erected in advance of the closures.
Peter Troy, who lives at The Cottages, a side road leading to the roundabout, said the cars make the road dangerous for locals and people accessing the popular Eden Arms Hotel nearby.
A police source in Diyala told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that an explosive device, planted on the side road at the Qudis intersection, northwest city of Baquba, exploded on the convoy of the university president when he was heading to the headquarters of the university, wounded him and killed two of his bodyguards and destroyed one of the convoy's wheels.