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One in ten vehicles checked was found to have a failed headlight, sidelight, rear or brake-light
Pella's extensive decorative glass collection includes a variety of matching transoms and sidelights.
The snug wrap-around eyecups help cut distracting sidelight.
An illuminating sidelight to Gonz' show--not to mention the American Dream--occurred when ex-Rage writer Zach De la Rocha was singled out close to the opening by some gym rats and asked if ho were "an Arab Muslim.
De Kooning's controversial later works, as Alzheimer's Disease was beginning to affect his mind, are an interesting sidelight.
An interesting sidelight to these social activities was that for most of us non-academic and indeed nonliterary poets in the sense of the American scene at the time, the painters were the only generous audience for our poetry, and most of us read first publicly in art galleries or at The Club.
There is an interesting sidelight to this: As part of "control," hospitals are developing much more aggressive critical pathways, so that patients can move directly from the hospital to home care, which is quite technologically driven already.
A noteworthy sidelight to the protracted campaign against liberal democracy is the conciliatory meekness offered up in response by wide swaths of an intelligentsia that might instead have been expected to rise to forthright defense.
It's really an amusing sidelight or hobby when nothing else is going on," Slowinski confesses.
An interesting sidelight would be the chase for the individual championship which Katsuragawa and Zaragosa are expected to dominate.
Iqbal considered the primer's launching a sidelight of the 28th anniversary commemoration of the EDSA revolution, likening the struggle of the Bangsamoro people to that of the convergent of sectors behind the bloodless revolt that topple down a dictatorial regime.