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All this she reeled off in a loud voice, and then glanced with sidelong, questioning eyes at Alleyne for his approval.
In the morning the effects of it were still visible in the fearful, sidelong glances that the Waziri continually cast at the massive and forbidding structure which loomed above them.
Before being blocked, O'Reilly had posted a video of Pope Francis giving a sidelong look at Trump and had captioned it saying this was "how the whole world sees you.
Romantic tension is conveyed with their physical awareness and sidelong looks, and their emotional and intellectual connection comes through too.
Hollywood handshakes, the odd disaster, and plenty of sidelong glances, this is a gloriously nail-biting end that rises to the occasion.
Underneath her seemingly staid life is a nascent radical consciousness--one that intellectually dismisses the idiocy of attempting "perfection" even as she withers under the sidelong stares of the other moms.
8DA YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Tripoli 9 Ranch 10 Totem 11 Vicious 12 Tor 13 Angriest 16 Mandolin 17 Doh 19 Habitat 21 Value 22 Amigo 23 Revenge DOWN: 1 Statute 2 Listeria 3 Roam 4 Fraction 5 Info 6 Chase 8 Invigilator 13 Audition 14 Sidelong 15 Thieves 18 Cheat 20 Brio 21 Viva QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Shepherdess 8 Ali 9 Nut 11 Manhunt 12 Aroma 13 Apt 14 Bob 15 Winched 17 Elk 19 Airy 21 Echo 23 Damn 25 Soya 27 Kit 29 Rosette 31 Inn 34 Hen 36 Faint 37 Beehive 38 Tin 39 Fed 40 Leopard-skin DOWN: 1 Slap 2 Hint 3 Prudish 4 Entice 5 Drake 6 Snob 7 Sumo 8 Amaze 10 Tabby 16 Dam 18 Key 20 Ink 22 Car 24 Actress 2 5 Swift 26 Member 28 Toned 30 On tap 32 Nail 33 Nine 34 Hi-fi 35 Even 5 Swift
And there are sidelong glances and red herrings aplenty as everyone seems to have a watertight alibi, but they all look like they could be up to something.
His caked boots, that once stood waiting, lay sidelong on the doorstep,
THE GAME (BBC2, 9pm) MORE brooding looks, sidelong glances and smoking cigarettes in dark alleyways, as this tense spy thriller continues.
By following Howard's characters, we are allowed a sidelong but penetrating glimpse into one of the most important events in American history, the yearlong Montgomery bus boycott, a cause initiated by Rosa Parks and amplified by a young Rev.
WITH a sidelong glance, billionaire bachelor Christian Grey opens the door to his 'playroom' - a windowless dungeon kitted out with whips, cat-o-nine tails and riding crops.