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Virtual sensor: Application to vehicle sideslip angle and transversal forces.
C-level station can undertake the tests on vehicle's technical status, including braking, sideslip, lighting, steering, dynamic balance, fuel consumption, engine power, abnormal sound, noise and exhaust emission.
Flight testing verified compatibility across the entire F-16 envelope, including high angle-of-attack and sideslip maneuvers, pushovers, inverted flight, and takeoff and landings.
It was similar to the noise you hear When the aircraft is in a slight sideslip, or the rudder is out of trim.
The CFTs are designed for the full F-16 flight envelope -- up to 9 g's, maximum angle of attack and sideslip and maximum roll rate.
The other downside of this yaw was the amount of sideslip drag it produced, which really hurt our ability to accelerate.
The 100% limit load was applied to the VTS for the following two critical conditions: (1) Yaw maneuver at 25 degrees rudder deflection and (2) Yaw maneuver at 15 degrees sideslip and 0 degree rudder deflection.
The second VTS test is with yaw maneuver at 15 deg sideslip and 0 deg rudder deflection.
8, the average decelerator of vehicle' s mass center with ABS control is bigger than that without ABS control, the vehicle's mass center side displacement and lateral angle without ABS control are both bigger than those with ABS control, the vehicle without ABS control sideslips obviously, the vehicle with ABS has better control braking efficiency and stability.
There were a few sideslips from a leader who was having a tiny bit of an off-night, but they mattered little in what was a persuasive, genial reading of this extraordinary work.
Using maneuvers known as sideslips, the pilot snapped off the flapping winglets with air pressure.