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To change direction during gait, one needs to perform different gait maneuvers such as a step turn, spin turn, or sidestep cutting.
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) is planning to sidestep bonus rules in Europe, according to Reuters.
Available now for iOS - Sidestep lets fans browse and buy concert merchandise before, during, and after the show for either pickup or delivery.
SideStep said the agreement is expected to result in an independent alternative to sites backed by the travel industry.
SideStep executive Russ Lemelin said: "We are astonished how much time and money is wasted searching for the right travel deal on-line.
05, page 45), and was troubled by one of the lines in the case study that reads, "To sidestep the limits that corporate-card vendors set on monthly charges, [the principal partner] applied for the cards in his own name and assumed personal responsibility for the payments.
It is an inbuilt feature of the Java language and allows one to sidestep a common source of maintenance woes.
Today, law enforcement uses the grand jury system to sidestep constitutional limitations, such as bans on unreasonable seizures and compulsory self-incrimination.
Bechtel, a California-based construction conglomerate, "now plans to sidestep Washington and apply directly to the Iraqi oil ministry for work.
Continuing through, a sidestep to right is prompted by the control desk, then the route passes through a glazed link to the reception pavilion with its circular desk.
It's also the only way that the participants could sidestep the regulatory barriers that foiled an earlier plan to form such a master bank.
Bartering networks, local exchange trading systems and radical approaches like locally - instead of federally - issued currency allow one to largely sidestep dollar bills and credit cards.