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Only time will tell," sidesteps Karen Fedor, AMERICAN FORESTS' vice president of Global ReLeaf, who oversees the Register with the help of Pat Mannion, a Fellow in the department.
The enormous catalogue sidesteps some of the more obvious suspects in favor of Minimalism experts Briony Fer and James Meyer, Philadelphia curator Ann Temkin, SF MOMA conservators Jill Sterrett and Michelle Barger, and writer and Hesse confidante Gioia Timpanelli; it also features a roundtable on conservation issues surrounding the works, many of which were made with experimental (and now disintegrating) materials.
The funnel-web spider, Agelenopsis aperta, sidesteps this problem.
Harris sidesteps much of the morass; he eloquently conveys impressions of the myth, magic and mystery of the ancestors he desperately wants to know, but cannot, because of cultural differences.