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Ayman Fouda, head of the capital market committee at the African Economic Council, forecasts the EGX to move sideways after the CBE decision.
The salmon might have also used their sideways teeth as defensive or offensive weapons, she said.
1 index points their highest value since 2008 and broke through the sideways range to the upward side.
CRUSHING ICE: The hull, or body, of the Baltika is specially designed for traveling sideways through thick ice.
Any engineer would wonder how so narrow a joint is supposed to withstand the sideways forces imposed upon it.
Photographer Gabriel Szabo said: "As it went to touch down it turned sideways and started to skid along the runway.
A goal can't be scored until the ball is passed forward, but if it can't be passed forward safely the best thing to do is to pass it safely sideways, or even backwards.
In Up, Down, or Sideways, he shares the philosophies he used to find his way back up.
The slower the arrow's velocity and the stronger the prevailing wind, the more sideways the arrow's flight will appear.
Sideways, a software company that adapts books and other publications for immersive experiences on mobile devices, announced on Tuesday its patent-pending Buddy Reading technology with Peter Rabbit: Buddy Edition for the iPad, iPhone and Touch, which takes advantage of Apple's new Game Center technology.
As planned, the rig would drill two miles down into the seabed, then sideways up to eight miles across it, to find an enormous reservoir of oil.
A TERRIFIED driver told yesterday how she was shunted sideways by a giant tanker for a mile along a busy motorway.