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So the girl set out to look for the cat, and, as she was hunting about, she met her brother, in great trouble because he could not carry water from the well in a sieve, as it came pouring out as fast as he put it in.
I have seen war, sire, I have seen peace; I have served Richelieu and Mazarin; I have been scorched with your father, at the fire of Rochelle; riddled with sword-thrusts like a sieve, having grown a new skin ten times, as serpents do.
What we need," remarked the King, rebukingly, "is a wireless sieve.
It was a tight deck, yet it leaked smoke like a sieve.
how happy we are, We live in a sieve and a crockery jar
Three days of labor with the spade and the sieve produced no results of the slightest importance.
To give him money was like pouring water into a sieve.
The entire surface of this part of the island seems to have been permeated, like a sieve, by the subterranean vapours: here and there the lava, whilst soft, has been blown into great bubbles; and in other parts, the tops of caverns similarly formed have fallen in, leaving circular pits with steep sides.
He watched how Mishka strode along, swinging the huge clods of earth that clung to each foot; and getting off his horse, he took the sieve from Vassily and started sowing himself.
The old barn leaked like a sieve, but they managed to find a dry space on which to spread their anything but dry bedding.
seven hundred a year) fell to him when he came of age, and ran through him, as it might be through a sieve.
Everybody was walking about St Peter's and the Vatican on somebody else's cork legs, and straining every visible object through somebody else's sieve.