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Work included laying stone steps, building a retaining wall, and sifting dirt for artifacts--an activity that created considerable dust.
For my greenhouse soil sifting I use 1/4 inch hardware cloth for seed starting medium, and 1/2 inch hardware cloth for flats and pots for transplants.
Though sifting through over 700 applications may seem like very tedious work, the process was made somewhat easier by some countries holding their own competition beforehand.
27 in earnings, sifting through junk mail every day, which multiplied over a year means pounds 329 lost for each of the 9.
Today's automated sifting litter boxes are dark and cramped inside because they're enclosed, which is why cats don't like them.
What's a gal to do when her girlfriend insists on spending every summer weekend sifting through other people's junk?
and his colleagues found BlyS after sifting through the genes active in immune cells called monocytes.
With The Investor 3000 software tool, a trader can get a short list of potential trading candidates each morning without having to spend hours sifting though earnings data.
Sifting through the intentionally tangled trails left by the era's sexy stars, McLellan uncovers gems like Marlene Dietrich's affair with Greta Garbo--one that apparently affected both women so strongly, they pretended for the rest of their lives that they had never met.
Two men and a woman killed in a plane crash off the Malibu coast were identified Monday, as investigators began the painstaking process of sifting through the wreckage.
Again, this significantly magnifies the cost and complexity of sifting through information.