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That may well be," said the curate, and leaving them he returned to where Dorothea was, who, hearing the veiled lady sigh, moved by natural compassion drew near to her and said, "What are you suffering from, senora?
The hearts of many throb at the very breathings of wealth through a flute, who would remain callous to the bitterest sighs of poverty.
This unguarded expression made Montalais laugh and Raoul sigh with happiness, for he interpreted it thus: "She knows all our love.
He sat himself down upon the threshold, watching his master with the vigilance of a sentinel, jealous to receive either his first waking look or his last dying sigh.
said Rosa, with a sigh, "you are very fond of your bulbs.
Soon it had entirely disappeared in the gloom, and then Dorothy gave a sigh of regret at parting with Uncle Henry and began to wonder what was going to happen to her next.
The little voice sighed deeply: it was VERY unhappy, evidently, and Alice would have said something pitying to comfort it, 'If it would only sigh like other people
But I found I was wrong, for as soon as I loosened the knot around his neck, he gave a long sigh and mumbled with a faint voice, `Now I feel better
Sigh indeed we sometimes may; but it is generally in the absence, not in the presence, of the beloved object.
If I did not myself sigh before them, and chatter with cold, and patiently LET myself be swathed in their pity!
she said with a heavy sigh, looking penitently at Dolly.
Porthos sighed for the fifth time -- D'Artagnan had counted his sighs.