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After incubation, the absorbance values were introduced in the MixLow package of R software generating sigmoidal dose-response curves and the corresponding parameters [[psi].
Most Liliales have polysymmetric or only slightly monosymmetric flowers, commonly involving sigmoidal curvature of perianth and/or pollination organs, thus similar as in Asparagales.
Of the 26 activator hits identified by the three-stage algorithm, the curve class method placed 15 in curve class 1 (full sigmoidal response profiles), 8 in curve class 2 (partial response profiles with one asymptote), and 1 compound each into curve classes 3 (single point activity), 4 (inactive) and 5 (undefined).
During all tests, bipolar sigmoidal activation function, 6-13-1 network structure and initial weights have not been changed.
Os dados experimentais sao ajustados com a Equacao 4 de JMAK na forma sigmoidal.
Rectosigmoid: Pericolic, perirectal, left colic, sigmoid mesenteric, sigmoidal, inferior mesenteric, superior rectal (hemorrhoidal), middle rectal (hemorrhoidal)
Since the expected output is a continuous variable (not a classification problem with unbounded function), linear activation function (g(x)) was used (in stead of logistic sigmoidal or tanh functions mostly used for classification problems and for bipolar output ranges, i.
However, rather than being considered as strictly linear functions, the operators were considered as sigmoidal functions.
Most colonies gave rise to sigmoidal spiral cell morphotypes similar to the morphotype of the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) (Manassas, VA, USA) control strain for B.
Para o estudo do comportamento da variacao da perda de agua, dos solidos soluveis (SST), do pH e da acidez titulavel, foram testados os modelos de regressao nao-linear: Decaimento exponencial de um e dois termos; Funcao Logistica; Hiperbolico e Sigmoidal.
The behavior of tensile strength values was fitted to a sigmoidal line just as a guide.