sign legally

See: notarize
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We have contacted a number of carpet and furniture retailers asking them to review their pricing practices and sign legally enforceable undertakings.
Clients, who can pay up to pounds 5,500 for assistance with their deaths, sign legally binding papers to stop relatives preventing it.
Oxford announced it was going to get students to sign legally binding contracts requiring them to attend lectures and tutorials.
The companies and their directors now have 14 days to sign legally binding documents in which they promise to change their sales and marketing practices.
The alternative offers are often confusing and customers are required to sign legally binding contracts with the supplier for up to three years.
But we were given 10 minutes to decide whether we were going to sign legally binding documents and decided we wanted to talk to our agent.
The Parties intend to sign legally binding transaction documents regulating mutual obligations and conditions not later than 31 January 2012.
He said it was not necessary to back that up with legislation because newspapers could instead sign legally enforceable membership contracts.
now digitally sign legally binding documents using personal digital
The DocSpace CFS, which is offered as an additional level of security for DocSpace's existing file delivery, storage and collaboration services, features security technologies that can be used to digitally sign legally binding business documents including contracts, financial statements, patents and designs.
In doing this, Realfast is providing its real estate customers with a more convenient, secure and efficient way to deliver, populate, and sign legally binding real estate documents.