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In the high sea that was running it was a difficult and dangerous task to attempt to put a prize crew aboard her; and as no signs of life had been seen above deck, it was decided to stand by until the wind and sea abated; but just then a figure was seen clinging to the rail and feebly waving a mute signal of despair toward them.
Even the poor devil who had waved the single despairing signal of distress had lapsed into unconsciousness before he had learned whether it had availed or not.
The signal had been given, and I did not see Rouletabille appear at the corner of the off-turning gallery.
As soon as the warning signal was given, it exhibited all the signs of a hurried and forced departure.
It is only for a moment and I know that I belong to you; but remember that you are not to strike till I give the signal.
Then I thought I heard a faint tapping on the wall--the mere ghost of the familiar signal.
The anchorage proving unsafe, and water difficult to be procured, the captain stood out to sea, and made repeated signals for those on shore to rejoin the ship, but it was not until nine at night that they came on board.
Another pace, and the poor lieutenant gave the signal he so hated to give.
Had you any notion that signals were going on, all the while you were on the watch?
The flag was run up at half-mast, and, this being the signal of distress, it was hoped that the American steamer, perceiving it, would change her course a little, so as to succour the pilot-boat.
The commander, posted on his bridge, superintended the operation, ready to stop or haul in the chains on the slightest signal.
See, he has something in his hand--he is holding it up as if it were a signal.