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As operators seek a cost-effective and realistic transition strategy moving towards a single, converged IMS architecture, there is increased recognition that signaling will play a crucial role in their IMS strategies," said Ronald De Lange, president and general manager of the Tekelec Network Signaling Group.
The noise rejection capabilities of differential pairs allow for low voltage signaling.
Signaling Firewall (SF) provides security for core SIP signaling elements such as softswitches, IMS CSCF elements and application servers.
With our broad experience in delivering high performance and highly reliable solutions for the signaling infrastructure, the Interphase Signaling Gateway was a natural next step as we focus on delivering higher value-add integrated solutions to the market.
The Tekelec EAGLE 5 SAS is a multi-protocol advanced signaling system.
Scalability - SBC provides distributed edge processing function for signaling and media offloading core IMS elements for connection and encryption management (e.
E[acute accent]Tekelec is a leading developer of now and next-generation signaling and switching telecommunications solutions, network performance management technology, and value-added applications.
We reviewed several signaling systems and found the EAGLE platform was superior in every regard, including advanced technology, service and maintenance," said Chanse Bruns, network manager, Valley Telecom Group.
Access control: Session-aware access control for signaling and media using static and dynamic permit/deny ACLs at layer 3 and 5.
Tekelec was able to meet our need for critical signaling functions," said Steve Nocella, vice president of Network Operations at XO Communications.
In addition to M3UA (MTP3 User Adaptation Part) both the Signaling Connection Control Part (SCCP) and the SUA (SCCP User Adaptation Layer) protocols have been added to the Adax SG-HA Gateway.
Signaling Platform and G-Flex(R) Key to Achieving Cost Savings, Increased Network Capacity, High Reliability