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Upstairs in the room next to her own a long, spare form began to uncurl itself in bed; a face with a receding chin and a small forehead raised itself reluctantly from the pillow, and Claude Nutcombe Boyd signalized the fact that he was awake by scowling at the morning sun and uttering an aggrieved groan.
Chicksey and Stobbles, his former masters, had both become absorbed in Veneering, once their traveller or commission agent: who had signalized his accession to supreme power by bringing into the business a quantity of plate-glass window and French-polished mahogany partition, and a gleaming and enormous doorplate.
The project includes the construction of a bridge at the intersection of the Academic City Road with Latifa bint Hamdan Road near the entrance of the Global Village for the traffic inbound from Emirates Roads along with a signalized intersection at-grade underneath the bridge.
Therefore, in rush hours, pedestrian and vehicles damage right of crossing for instance; to exit from intersection the rotation to right of vehicle, pauses of vehicles on crosswalks, and movement effect on crossing speed of pedestrian in signalized intersection.
The topics include analysis of traffic capacity and design for the reconstruction of a large roundabout in Zagreb, the variability of start-up lost times and departure headways at signalized intersections in urban areas, pedestrian risk perception in signalized street crossings, formulating a large roundabout capacity under high demand flows, and a dynamic and automatic traffic light control system for solving the road congestion problem.
Great visibility and easy access at signalized intersection.
CHARLTON -- Town officials' request to install a signalized crosswalk on Route 20 at the intersection of North Main Street and Center Depot Road has been kicked to the curb by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
The worldwide used current methodologies of capacity, delays, queue lengths and the level-of-service analysis of signalized intersections are based on the concept of saturation flow such as Akcelik (1981), Teply et al.
In the subsequent phase, the scheme would broadly take into account a road length of about 30000 kms, around 500 signalized intersections as well as intersections which are not presently signalized.
For example, EK developed designs for 12 expanded signalized intersections along the alignment to allow for smooth traffic flow for the entire 2.
According to 2002 data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 21 percent of crashes and 24 percent of all fatalities and injuries related to motor vehicle collisions occurred at signalized intersections.
Pedestrians should cross only at the signalized intersection.