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As a senior signaller he took his role of mentoring and developing those around him seriously, especially in the build up to and deployment on operations.
His comrade, Signaller Craig Billins, said: "S-J was a lively and fun person to be around.
Gurdev told of the sadness felt by the whole camp when news of Signaller Bland's death came through.
He added the decision to allow signallers in Port Talbot to monitor the Hendre Road level crossing via CCTV cameras, 'does conform to state guidelines'.
Signaller Grout was on a brief visit to see mum Maureen and stepdad Ian when he was assaulted in Eston, Teesside, on Tuesday evening.
Even dismounted, as in counter-ambush drills, the loaded-up signaller was better off just carrying a pistol which can be fired one-handed and his carbine was a much more useful addition to the unit's effective firepower in other hands.
I am trying to piece together the story of William Little, who served as a signaller in the Tyneside Division of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
She said: "During the assault I was the platoon signaller and so had to carry a heavy radio kit on my back.
At some, users have to contact the signaller for permission to cross.
The lift operation was being controlled by an unauthorised joiner instead of a nominated signaller.
City man and signaller Simranjit "Sim" Singh, 26, and Lance Corporal Sarvjit Singh, 28, have been proudly protecting the Monarch at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, her Berkshire home, for a number of weeks.
A wartime friendship was rekindled yesterday when a former Wren and a United States signaller - who had only communicated in Morse code via Aldis lamps - met for the first time.