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This week, Hugh was overjoyed to hear the skirl of the bagpipes when Jimmy and two of his newest recruit pipers - signallers David McRobb and Saul Bouhadjar - played their tunes and chatted with him.
Its service proved to be so popular that signallers at one point sent 1,000 messages a month to passing ships.
The next section of Mr Davies' letter, however, added a new dimension to the contribution being made in Barry: "We have also been able to send away lads as Signallers in connection with our naval coaling and I have a large class under instruction now.
ey were taken by Fred Charles "Percy" Hancox, a signaller and clerk for the 7th Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
Signallers will walk out from 6am to 10am and again from 6pm to 10pm on each day of the action.
The Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union, which called the strike, said the strike was "rock solid", adding: "Our signallers are united.
My grandfather was an officer in the Royal Signallers and my uncles all served there.
We and two young signallers stayed in an upright boarded shack.
The attendant had made several calls to signallers in Machynlleth seeking permission to cross the tracks but no call was made after a train passed eastwards at 11.
The RMT union have been trying to negotiate 12-hour shifts for signallers in the Stirling area but say Network Rail have so far refused.
Former signallers are invited to attend and join the branch and association.