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The next section of Mr Davies' letter, however, added a new dimension to the contribution being made in Barry: "We have also been able to send away lads as Signallers in connection with our naval coaling and I have a large class under instruction now.
ey were taken by Fred Charles "Percy" Hancox, a signaller and clerk for the 7th Royal Warwickshire Regiment.
Network Rail signallers at Machynlleth have already defined a method of working for use when such crossings are to be intensively used in their area.
The dispute has been running since April and signallers were on strike on Christmas Eve.
EXTRACTS FROM THE MEMOIRS I was walking through the streets of Newcastle with my wife, when I saw one of our Headquarters' Signallers coming towards us, we met and shook hands.
While his familiarity with violence develops and the rumour of relocation looms, tribulations of the Great War continue for Signaller Duart McLean in our next issue.
Thousands of maintenance workers, signallers and supervisors are now planning to walk out from April 6 to 9.
The union's 12,000 NR maintenance members voted by 77% in favour of strikes, while its 6,000 signallers backed industrial action by 54%.
Walkouts by signallers and maintenance staff will wreck many school holiday plans.
Travellers all over the country suffered disruption as about 40 per cent of journeys were cancelled when signallers walked out at noon.
Allowing train drivers to communicate with signallers, they are part of the response to the Ladbroke Grove train crash which killed 31 people in 1999.
We are required to do this by European legislation and also as a result of the public inquiry into the Paddington crash, where Lord Cullen directed: 'There should be a national system of direct radio communication between trains and signallers.