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government rarely goes into significant detail about Special Forces operations.
Our Home, Our People is launching alongside the Fijian Governments Climate Vulnerability Assessment 2017, a significant new report which sets out, in significant detail, the climate impacts already felt by Fiji, and identifies possible strategies and costs to make Fiji more climate resilient.
A small but very significant detail in the caption under the fine picture of NGC 4085/4088 caught my eye.
Adding this small but significant detail with the presence of Zinedine Zidane and Arsene Wenger instructing their charges and chivvying them forwards from the side lines, takes the game to the next level.
Firoozeh Golmohammadi picks out significant detail in imposing, surreal and witty artwork that constantly reminds young viewers of the tale's eastern setting.
2) The FDA's draft guidance goes into significant detail, and although it includes items with which most pathologists have some familiarity, such as "physical size of the display available for image visualization"(p12) and "touch screen technology,"(p12) most of the items described and discussed are not typically within the pathologist's realm, including "pixel-offset correction,"(p9) "luminance stability,"(p13) and the ominous-sounding "dark current level.
The Government has yet to publish any significant detail on its 'British Bill of Rights', but the content and implications of the initial proposals are deeply worrying," it reads.
The CBK report covers in significant detail the performance of the banking system, assessing their role as financial intermediaries, their management of various risks and their ability to withstand major shocks.
The researchers say their findings, published in the journal Current Biology, add significant detail to the evolutionary story of this diverse and highly successful group of arthropods, which are found on every continent except Antarctica.
The emphasis is on presenting the broad basics rather than delving into any specific topics in significant detail.
Each case is described in significant detail, and Joes generally achieves a good balance between the level of specific detail and the larger lessons for theoretical analysis.
Although costly, this text exceeds my expectation as a concise guide to advanced imaging due to significant detail.

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