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The first column is the decimal integer represented by a CA's rule vector, obtained by treating the symbols S,B,D,F as the integers 0,1,2,3 respectively, and viewing the rule vector as a number in base 4 with the most significant digit on the right.
As can be seen while reviewing the las column in the table, a difference appears in the fourth significant digit for the worst result and up to the fifth digit for the best, which is located at R=1.
There are strategies for using security vendor provided virtualization and optimizing high availability that can yield significant digits worth of capital, operational and power savings.
For example, at the undergraduate level, stressing such concepts as numbers of significant digits and inclusion of units with every measurement irritated many of us.
Koziol [32] tabulated quantiles x, to eight significant digits, such that F(x) = p, [mu] = t, [lambda] = [t.

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