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They are vague and fragmentary: a finite number of words, though perhaps a large number, would exhaust at least their SIGNIFICANT features.
A significant feature of the J0C connectors is the co-planarity on the SMT pins of less than 0.
The most significant feature of every city and town in Europe is either a cathedral or a church.
First, the manufacture of silk products (including velvets) was a significant feature of the economies in a variety of regions, not just Venice, Lucca, and southern Italy.
Another significant feature is new plug-in cards for either all-electric or electric/hydraulic hybrid machines.
Tom Dawson, FEI's manager of government relations, says, "Pension plan design flexibility is a significant feature of the pension system.
Although Rhymes and Singleton worked together on the 1995 release ``Higher Learning,'' ``Shaft'' marks Rhymes' first significant feature role.
A significant feature of the gain recognition rules is that the statute prescribes how the value of the property is to be determined.
Nasdaq:ADSK) has announced 3ds max 5 -- a significant feature release of its professional 3D animation and modeling software used by the largest community of animators worldwide to create compelling 3D animations.
This flight demonstrated the ability to update the preplanned mission while the DarkStar was in flight, another operationally significant feature.

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