significant occurrence

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Statistically (third row, right panel), significant occurrence of maximum inflows to LA begins at 10Hz with a gap between 17Hz and 23Hz.
The approaching high pressure cell behind the cold front will control the weather for most of next week, leading to the first significant occurrence of fog at the coast, from the dunesea to north of Swakopmund.
The Sefaatli area contains the region's second most significant occurrence of uranium mineralisation and is located 40km to the southwest of the Temrezli deposit.
He said: "Rhiwbina has three watercourses running through the area and these have become increasingly prone to flooding with the most recent and significant occurrence being in June 2009.
Upon insisting politely that the failure by the airport director to explain such a significant occurrence ought to be challenged by the meeting in the interests of the future of the airport I was expelled from the room.
The War of 1812 was a unifying and significant occurrence in Canadian history.
CLASS is the most significant occurrence that can change the landscape for long-term care insurance sales.
The firms are also considering investigation options for iron ore potential in the project area, primarily focusing on significant occurrence of 'Mutooroo Ironstone' formations on the tenements.
The judgement continued: "There was a significant occurrence during the course of the proceedings, namely that a typed copy of hand-written notes prepared for the committal proceedings contained words which did not appear in the typed version of that hand-written statement prepared for trial.
This weaving of East and West, Italy and India, Europe and Asia is a profoundly consistent theme in Rushdie's work, almost a counterpoint to Kipling's twain of continents, and it reflects his resort to several familiar motifs--there are doubles in almost every significant occurrence in the narrative, there are questions of mis-inscriptions and mis-interpretations by both fictional characters and historical figures adrift from accepted scholarship; there is never surety of continuity, except for the continuity of insecurity.
The significant occurrence of perchlorate in all milk samples analyzed at levels that are comparable or even greater than the current California action level for the concentration of perchlorate in drinking water came as a considerable surprise to us," wrote the authors.
The coupling of these three factors -- a general market trend, a seasonal dip and the events of 9-11 -- made the immediately decline in the market appear to be a more significant occurrence than, it can be seen in retrospect, it really was.

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