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D'Artagnan looked significantly toward Athos and Aramis.
Well, don't put it off too long," said Aunt Atossa significantly.
A LION and a Boar, who were fighting for water at a pool, saw some vultures hovering significantly above them.
A moment later--it may have been an hour--the moon sailed into a patch of unclouded sky and the hunted man saw that visible embodiment of Law lift an arm and point significantly toward and beyond him.
The boughs of the trees tapped significantly on the window panes, as if asking for admittance.
Yes, by your law," the terrorist replied significantly.
He controlled himself, and looked for an instant significantly at his niece before he spoke to Geoffrey.
They stood and looked in my eye or pecked at my shoe significantly.
The announcement was received with black silence, though the other four hunters glanced significantly at the two who had been the cause of their banishment.
And with his close assiduity, his conscientious devotion to his work, he's strained to the utmost; and there's some outside burden weighing on him, and not a light one," concluded the doctor, raising his eyebrows significantly.
Mingling in the crowd of carriages, horses, servants, chairmen, link-boys, porters, and idlers of all kinds, they lounged about; while Hugh's new friend pointed out to him significantly the weak parts of the building, how easy it was to get into the lobby, and so to the very door of the House of Commons; and how plainly, when they marched down there in grand array, their roars and shouts would be heard by the members inside; with a great deal more to the same purpose, all of which Hugh received with manifest delight.
67 percent reported stable to significantly higher billable hours, a notable decrease from 84.