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membership, scholastic significatio and suppositio.
As with Kafka's, Carroll's quests are more broadly structured around the difficulties of a hero in search of a moral or metaphysical significatio (among other things) but not quite discovering it.
50) Musculus, Loci communes, 568: "Propria tamen significatio vocis huius est, qua promissionem significat, eamque non quamlibet, sed Deo religiose ac sancte factam.
In a very complicated but immensely stimulating analysis of this and other paintings, Kruger seems to suggest that looking at a painting was not generally a search for hidden or secret significatio and to argue for the existence of pluralizing and even subversive early modern ways of seeing.
et sic patet quod, secundum quod dicuntur de deo, eorum significatio definiri non potest, nisi per illud quod de creaturis dicitur.
11) He defines this colour, which he calls significatio, as follows:
Haec peccata solent vocari socialia, quae est secunda vocis significatio.
1:125: "Nam cum dico "homo est species,' 'animal est genus,' quid aliud dico quam 'hec substantia homo habet hanc qualitatem inferioritatis,' et 'hec substantia animal habet hanc qualitatem superioritatis,' sire quod significatio huius vocis capacior est et latior, huius restrictior et angustior?
Chapter 3 is a very extensive study of such expressions as res significata, modus significandi, ratio, significatio, consignificatio, and so forth.
Cicero], IV, liii 67: Significatio es res quae plus in suspicione relinquit quam positum est in oratione.
Augustine of Hippo, is "for the modern explicator or critic, the key to the spiritual significatio of medieval literature" (Greenfield 148).
Frame) -- Montaigne alludes in fact to Quintilian's conception of significatio.