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For all that any man may gainsay, the ketch Arangi, trader and blackbirder in the Solomon Islands, may have signified in Jerry's mind as much the mysterious boat that traffics between the two worlds, as, at one time, the boat that Charon sculled across the Styx signified to the human mind.
For a moment, I was inclined to think these changes signified that she had discovered my absence from home during the night, and that she had some suspicion of the true cause of it.
After these preparations he signified that the two men should be brought before him, and greeted them with this salutation: "What sort of a king do I seem to you to be, O strangers?
Besides, if he could hope to find no bar to his happiness from the daughter, he thought himself certain of meeting an effectual bar in the father; who, though he was a country squire in his diversions, was perfectly a man of the world in whatever regarded his fortune; had the most violent affection for his only daughter, and had often signified, in his cups, the pleasure he proposed in seeing her married to one of the richest men in the county.
I should have proposed that he give me some explanation; but he put a finger to his lips, which evidently signified that he had not only determined not to speak, but also enjoined silence on my part.
If these buildings signified new firms coming into the area, and new jobs, many - myself included - would probably say: "OK, fair enough".
Unlike the symbol which predominates in poetry produced in organic societies, and in which the signified is supposedly immanent in the signifier, the distance between the signifier and the signified in allegory and the contradiction in irony recreate the distance between the individual and society.
In the Roman period it signified "patron," that is, one who provided funds, protection, and political influence for his or her clients.
Evidently, Christian intuition understood that the question was not secondary, that to defend Scripture (which in neither the Old nor the New Testament knows women priests) signified once more to defend the human person, especially those of the female sex.
Using only expressivist resources, Gibbard thinks he can show that there is a natural property signified by normative terms.
The order's determination to insulate these establishments from the hispanic society of the colonial Plata signified that for the first 150 years of the Guarani missions, Indians interacted with only a small number of Jesuits.
This ultimate syncretism of African customs and American mores is signified in Douglass's remarks: "We have to do with the past only as we can make it useful to the present and to the future.