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In this sense, the empty signifier (also named the zero signifier) can be seen as a floating signifier wherein infinite meanings can all be signified momentarily.
The pursuit of the object-cause of desire and jouissance refers to the void imposed by the signifier on the living organism.
Then the gradual list of signifiers, like 'a big house', 'Pajero', 'the impressive driveway', and last but not least in this list the influential father is also masking the reality of the signified as it is 'a good appearance' that discriminate him from his friend's life.
The puzzle is solved by discovering the relationship between signifier and signified.
Instead, he sends an empty signifier to his friend in the form of a note that does not signify anything for his friend, an act which defies the sense of origin and telos in the metaphysical space of signification.
It is worth considering, in turn, the ways in which Lacan's early reflections on the relationship between the logic of the signifier and the Real extend this double logic of Imaginary into a general economy of a psychoanalytic ontology predicated on the overdetermination of the Real.
Until then, Turkish-American relations are destined to experience many tensions and "model partnership" will likely remain an "empty signifier.
In her seemingly psychotic misery she appears to be governed by the excesses of jouissance since the signifier, foreclosed in the psychotic structure but returning as real, does not function to delimit the mother's desire.
Signifiers and Acts: Freedom in Lacan's Theory of the Subject.
So, Jonas' head moving down, and the stares by the other students communicating to the instructor and themselves perhaps that Jonas is not smart enough to be in their class, nay, in college, would require those signifiers or exactly those moments when those parts of their word use, gestures, and silent pauses put some of us in subject-positions to think and act on our thoughts verbally and non-verbally.
Ultimately, the goat became a signifier of blackness.