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Signify has a proven track record in delivering RSA's market leading secure and remote access technologies as a fully managed service to organisations such as Lovells, Southwark Council, Eversheds and Kier Group.
Children can make ancient Bavarian-style family heirlooms called wimples - textile art designed to signify significant life-cycle events - at Skirball Cultural Center's Spirit of the Times.
Security tokens, packaging, user documents and the Signify IMC Web site can all be branded to give the end user a consistent impression of the partner's overall security service.
According to Signify the solution provides senior staff with access to company resources and applications, as well as enabling selected clients, partners and third-party companies to log-in securely using the two-factor authentication service.
The other thing the protests signify is that the people's voice is vastly different from that of their government.
Did non-involvement signify successful resistance or were villages simply waiting for a more propitious time to become engaged?
I'm not sure which would be more depressing--that she thinks hairless crotches somehow do not signify or, alternatively, that she thinks they somehow interrogate the modeling and culture industries' infantilization of women.
Secure authentication services supplier, Signify, provides systems for authorised access to sensitive information for corporate and public sector businesses.
In the early-modern period, in short, wonder marked the very limits of intelligibility even as it appeared to signify a presence that could neither be ignored nor articulated.
These sections are largely symbolic, as the essays signify with and against one another in a text best appreciated in its entirety.