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The third chapter presents detailed analysis of Cane's signifying on the pastoral and of Naylor's response to Cane in Linden Hills.
Signifying God suggests that the resulting isolation of theology and history created cultural currents that still hinder our understanding of the meanings of communal drama.
The power of these pages made me wish at times that Marrouchi had focused Signifying more explicitly on the Maghreb, which is so little known in Anglo-American literary circles.
He is, in short, and here we reach the heart of this essay's purposes, Signifying, (1) in the sense that his discourse includes an "implicit content .
Great art--contrary to all the critical cant about how richly signifying it is--makes available the always-somewhat-frightening jouissance of lessness.
The formal mode of signifying in the quatorzain - the rhyme pattern, the repetition of the number 7 (as in the 4/3 stanzaic structure) - represents a "proportion poetical" that confirms the presence of God; indeed, Heninger posits the identity of sonnet structure and the floor plan of a church (80).
Here, she identifies a Harlem chronotope in part to illustrate the manner in which black Westerns invoked Harlem as a cinematic trope signifying movement.
Management considers this buyout an achievement for the company, signifying the business demand for its services and illustrating its ability to maintain sustained growth throughout the company's three-year history.
Coleman's own unique theory of black men's aesthetic attempts to liberate black male voice revolves around what he deems "counter-signifying" and "phallic tricksterism," both rooted in black socio-vernacular praxes such as signifying, rapping, a nd sexual virtuosity.
Plato wrote the dialogues, filled with sound and fury, poetry and myth-understanding in equal measure, signifying, for a while anyway, everything.
Butler-Evans, Peterson, Gates, and Baker connect Bakhtin's "carnivalesque" and Ellison's double-voiced narrator and narrations in terms of African American signifying practices and Bakhtin's analysis of parody.
Souped up with curving lines signifying dynamism, the hotel has strategic moments of wasted space which do nothing but bolster each guest's private fantasm of regal self-presentation.