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The agency has been asking 1,700 consumers to compare their understanding of new signposting concepts to existing information on packs.
The Signposting Service has been set up by the National Youth Advocacy Service for the Birmingham Children's Fund.
Herefordshire Council is commissioning an Information, Advice and Signposting Hub service to be delivered from a location in Hereford city provided by the council.
The food signposting system, the most controversial aspect, will be based on guidance published by the FSA in October and must be adopted across the industry by March 2006.
Mr Gallagher said: "The inadequacies in road signposting have long been a source of complaint - particularly from tourists.
The government favours a form of simple signposting on all food and drink labels so that consumers can readily understand whether they are buying healthy products.
Just more than half (54%) of IGD Leading Edge members said that a clear, signposting system was not feasible, while 40% believed the government was not showing Leadership on health issues.
However, I do not believe signposting is the answer, because it does not tell you how to compose a healthy diet from sensible portions of a range of foods that give the necessary balance of essential nutrients.
The warning came as the Food Standards Agency revealed that its consumer groups had chosen two traffic-light labelling schemes out of five signposting systems.
The government says it intends to work with the food industry to develop a signposting approach.
At the moment consumers have to find their own way through it all because there's no signposting.
The Food Standards Agency has shied away from recommending a ban on advertising to children but has backed some form of health signposting on food to help the fight against obesity