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Notwithstanding the position of the Huron, he passed the observant and silent Magua without notice, and leaning on his two venerable supporters proceeded to the high place of the multitude, where he seated himself in the center of his nation, with the dignity of a monarch and the air of a father.
old echoing silent House of Joy that is Gone, we are quite alone.
If ye kill before midnight, be silent, and wake not the woods with your bay, Lest ye frighten the deer from the crops, and the brothers go empty away.
Denham noticed that, although silent, she kept sufficient control of the situation to answer immediately her mother appealed to her for help, and yet it was obvious to him that she attended only with the surface skin of her mind.
Denham found himself sitting silent, rejecting possible things to say, beside Katharine, who was silent too.
He sat silent, holding the precious little book of poems unopened in his hands, and Katharine watched him, the melancholy or contemplative expression deepening in her eyes as her annoyance faded.
How like old friends they are--faithful, silent friends.
The burying of the silents started early, with prominent film critics such as Richard Watts of the New York Herald Tribune discussing cinema's "ancient days of pantomime" the same year "City Lights" appeared.
More than any other cinema event, Pordenone (now malting its home in the nearby north Italian town of Sacile) has put silents firmly on the programmers' horizon, championing restorations and discoveries in an atmosphere that feels more vital than rarefied.
He has also recorded five hours of music rolls on the machine and the sound effects it makes so that those sounds can later be added to other DVD versions of silents.
Blackmail became one of the very few silents resurrected in the modern era to be initially issued after its sound companion - and the only Hitchcock film to be released in this way.
In the Despair many Silents died or went insane and Few remain able to enter the Dream (where communication is instantaneous over any distance).