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When irst came here I just thought it was the silliest idea in the world, but now I can appreciate why it's done.
He said: "She had unerring skill to make the daftest, silliest thing sound absolutely real and absolutely plausible.
I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion but in my opinion this was one of the silliest reviews I have ever read and I have read a lot as I am one of the only people who has attended over 2,000 concerts at Symphony Hall.
As ever, team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton will be offering their unique take on the week's silliest news stories.
The 10 Silliest Acts Of Censorship In Lebanon Remember TinTin, the cartoon by Steven Spielberg?
She returns as team captain, opposite Holly Willoughbooby for the naughtiest, silliest quiz on telly.
Hopefully this signals the end of the silliest summer of speculation that I can remember.
Don't Just Stand There - I'm Having Your Baby (BBC Three, tomorrow, 9pm) | Winner of the silliest title of the week award goes to this offering from the channel seemingly obsessed with monsters, gymslip mums and the eclectic work of Seth MacFarlane.
The band charged through No More Mr Nice Guy, Hey Stoopid and Welcome To My Nightmare in a graveyard themed set, but one of the silliest moments came during Feed My Frankenstein when Alice was transformed into a puppet monster with a bolt of electricity.
The silliest part about putting God on money is it's redundant--because our God is money.
It is definitely the silliest thing I've ever done before in my life," Skyler said.
This was the silliest way out from the situation," Abdraev added.