similar form

See: analogy
References in classic literature ?
This inner world must have cooled sufficiently to support animal life long ages after life appeared upon the outer crust, but that the same agencies were at work here is evident from the similar forms of both animal and vegetable creation which we have already seen.
Robertson (below) rattled in breaks of 126, 76, 101 and 113 - but in January, after showing similar form early in the Ally Pally event, bombed 10-2 in the final to Shaun Murphy.
DJ/ producer Chief Xcel (Xavier Mosley) and MC and rapper Gift of Gab (Timothy Parker) have already established themselves in the pantheon of "alternative hip hop" with their early noughties output, and Imani finds them on similar form.
That last run saw Second Step account for some quality German horses and if he turns up here in similar form he could take some beating.
He's in pretty similar form to last year in that he has been beaten by Hurricane Fly a couple of times.
It differs from a similar form for a second lawyer appointed to assist McCrum, David Gonzalez.
The port and hospital will define their partnership through a memorandum of understanding or similar form of agreement, and then begin the consultant selection process.
Galaxy S5 Neo might come with a similar form factor as Galaxy S5.
A similar form of protest took place on Sunday, to commemorate the police brutality at the student protests in Prague (1939) and Athens (1973).
Things haven't gone to plan since, but lately there have been signs that a return to similar form may not be far away.
The specialized tools are still used today, in similar form, to smooth and refine leather made into high-end purses and jackets.