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Background: Homeopathy is based on treatment by similitude (Tike cures like') administering to sick individuals substances that cause similar symptoms in healthy individuals, employing the secondary and paradoxical action of the organism as therapeutic response.
A recent API standard concluded the acceptability of the geometric similitude method for type-testing acceptance in the scaling up or down for meter geometries, et al.
But recall, too, that as an object of knowledge poetry involves imitation, a similitude between the human action depicted in the poetry and the human action that we ourselves and others are engaged in all the time.
The contemporary beast fable "Big Dog, Little Dog," a cautionary tale about the dogged insecurities of humankind and the inevitable miseries that accompany the sin of envy, is on one level a clever, suburban updating of Aesop, but, in keeping with the poet's characteristic practice, it proceeds through likening, not analogy, and arrives not at a terse pragmatic admonition but a recovered wisdom that is at once as ancient as Plato and modern as psychotherapy: "(Desire needs lack as much as what's desired)" In one of the most powerful and haunting poems in the volume, "Spencerian Hand," Prunty pursues his strategy of similitude with notable ingenuity.
Their discussion makes it abundantly clear that the issue is the principle of relation involved--in the former case, it is similitude (merely), while in the latter case, it is, in effect, any other relation.
Modeling by similitude of physical system and experimental model of the self protection conductor, to obtain its electro-thermal parameters.
Brain Training Unotan' offers full-scale brain training for adults to enhance their memory, concentration and intuition by answering simple questions asked speedily in games of memorizing graphic forms/numbers or finding similitude.
In the plays, the classical view of perfect friendship--as an absolute similitude between two friends who commonly understand their relationship to be that of "one soul in two bodies"--is put into question by the emergence of a more pragmatic view of friendship that recognizes the importance of strategic alliances and the significance of the group.
Owen's travels into latitudinal similitude definitely make your head spin.
In simplest terms, the cannibal marks difference, and recalls the concern over similitude.
aa Hailing the political dialogue between the two countries and the similitude of their approaches to outstanding international and regional issues, including the settlement of the Middle East conflict, the promotion of sustained development in Africa and the struggle against terrorism and religious extremism, the Russian official noted that bilateral relations were marked since the outset by "genuine equality, mutual respect and trust", and that bilateral cooperation has reached the level set by the strategic partnership declaration.
Lisa RosE[umlaut]n, Managing Director of BHD LLC said, C[pounds sterling]Being part of this great venue for the past six years comes as a result of the similitude of the core values of Sweet Factory and Modhesh Fun City - drawing smiles on children faces no matter where they come from while providing them with wide choice of high quality confectionery productsC[yen].