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SIMONY, eccl. law. The selling and buying of holy orders, or an ecclesiastical benefice. Bac. Ab. h.t.; 1 Harr. Dig. 556. By simony is also understood an unlawful agreement to receive a temporal reward for something holy or spiritual. Code, 1, 3, 31 Ayl. Parerg. 496.

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Damian was, however, forced to concede Romuald's failure with bishops, grudgingly admitting that it would have been easier to convert a Jew to the faith than a simonist bishop: 35, 76.
7) In other words, by challenging the efficacy of Mezzabarba's sacraments and claiming that simonists could not dedicate churches, celebrate the mass, ordain priests, or consecrate the chrism, the Vallombrosans were not only undermining the attempts of true reformers to create a purified Church set apart by function, but were also blurring the fine line between institutional and personal merit that had been at the core of his debate with Humbert of Silva-Candida during the 1040s.
But it is appropriate that he should deliver this passionate sermon in the circle of the simonists, who themselves delivered passionate sermons as a superficial way of claiming moral high ground.