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a) One or more of major depression, dysthymia, mania, generalized anxiety, panic, social phobia, simple phobia, agoraphobia, bulimia, ASP or CD.
01 after injury Significant increases also occurred in scores for symptoms of separation anxiety, simple phobia, and avoidance (J.
There are probably genes that increase the risk for any diagnosis related to anxiety or a range of anxiety diagnoses, but there are also probably specific risk loci that just increase risk for panic disorder, or simple phobia, or social phobia," he said.
Simple phobia was the most common diagnosis, found in 20.
Phobic Trust chief executive Marcia Read said "exposure" therapies, where people were gradually exposed to fear stimulus, were commonly used to treat single or simple phobias, along with other methods.
There are many different phobias which can be divided into two categories - simple phobias and complex phobias.
Simple phobias such as fear of heights, dogs or spiders are relatively easy to cure with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).