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Mr Griffiths said: "I support the simplification of the CRC.
One point raised is that the Council has made no fundamental changes to the way it examines simplification proposals, despite commitments made in the 2003 inter-institutional agreement on better lawmaking.
The Commission's simplification programme is broad.
Whether it's the development of sophisticated capabilities or an aggressive program of process simplification, innovation does not come free.
A process improvement unit located at corporate headquarters has lead responsibility for the development of process simplification and systems commonization projects.
For example, has the IRS established, or have plans to establish, any task forces to develop both individual and corporate simplification proposals?
The articles published in this special issue of Contemporary Drug Problems were originally presented at the Aarhus conference and all explore questions of complexity and simplification in relation to alcohol and other drugs.
In this issue's second article, Fiona Martin and Shaughney Aston focus on processes of simplification in relation to gender.
Drawing upon John Law's (2011) notion of "collateral realities," they argue that this type of alcohol epidemiology undertakes numerous processes of simplification in its attempts to enact order and thus make useful statements about alcohol and alcohol effects.
The approval of the Act and Agreement provides the basis for states to enact legislation to provide the benefits of simplification to vendors in their state.

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