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We've added new technology enhancements to make Home Concierge seamlessly integrate with email programs and handheld PDAs so homeowners can stay on top of their household checklists and calendars; Home Concierge simplifies your life.
The Egenera BladeFrame product family simplifies the datacenter with an innovative server architecture specifically designed to reduce complexity and enable IT to respond rapidly to business requirements.
Based on its unique Video Intelligence Architecture([TM]) (VIA), RGB's VIA product family simplifies management and delivers scalable, multi-function capability in a single, programmable platform, allowing video service providers to leverage existing infrastructure, while building an advanced foundation to meet the needs of the rapidly growing market for personalized video services.
The company's patented architecture increases data availability, allows users to start small and grow the SAN seamlessly, and simplifies management.
Enabling file data location transparency in WAFS deployments greatly simplifies user access to and administrator management of data
0 for SQL Server is that NetApp reliably, securely, and cost-effectively simplifies what is typically a highly complex process without impacting the performance of the production database.
eP2 simplifies processing of transactions and images from any distributed location - i.
LabVIEW 8 dramatically simplifies the development, testing and support of distributed applications in test, control and design.
Our uPFC control IC simplifies and shrinks the PFC control circuit, making it a smart solution for a range of computing, home appliance and home entertainment products.
Using DataDirect XQuery, which is based on the W3C's XML Query (XQuery), simplifies the programming task significantly, solving the same problems with much less code," said Jonathan Robie, Program Manager for DataDirect XQuery and an editor of the W3C XQuery specification.