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As for the lady, in your place I should simplify it.
I am inclined to think that, in the present state of physiology, the introduction of the engram does not serve to simplify the account of mnemic phenomena.
These fellows both drink like the devil, and that should simplify matters considerably.
That would simplify the whole thing, though it's not a very sporting game to play; still, we must remember Rosenthall's revolver; we don't want him to sign his name on US.
Also in the 1996 act are provisions intended to simplify certain pension rules while preserving employee retirement benefits.
a leader in enterprise software for Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server remote environments, announced today the release of Simplify Profiles[R] v4.
March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Simplify Medical, Inc.
It would simplify the tax system and improve efficiency by reducing the distorting influence of taxes on economic decisions.
If organizations are willing to fight the urge to be a "fire-fighter", there are companies that provide bona fide solutions that simplify complexity, providing policy-based management solutions that create and implement standards.
We especially welcome the proposals to simplify the tax laws for families, including the proposals to adopt a uniform definition of qualifying child for purposes of various child-based benefits, to eliminate the income-related phase-outs for the adoption tax credit and exclusion, to eliminate the household maintenance test for head-of-household filing status, and to simplify the complex computational and eligibility requirements for the earned income tax credit and child tax credit.
The need to simplify management of computing environments has become an industry-wide necessity for enterprise users.
taxpayers to use the HAR was not only to provide an additional simplified method, but also to simplify the IRS's ability to verify a taxpayer's capitalization of costs under Sec.