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Adeoque spatia SC et nC erunt in illa ratione idque continuo donec utrumque simul in nihilum evanescat.
Musca parit c<en>um, simul <et> transfertur ad imum.
in pluribus praeexistentibus rebus scientias accepimus in paucis enim vel nullo quisquam hoc perspiciet simul cum scibili scientiam esse factam.
GEM's award winning technology is the foundation for both GIGANETTV and SIMUL SEZ.
There will also be raffle tickets on sale in the boat house, as well as a simul ator and funfair.
Missing here is a sense of the universality of sin and the simul of the Lutheran tradition, a tradition that is deeply suspicious of the church ever being defined in terms of what Luther called the "active righteousness" of its members.
This has traditionally come to be referred to as the simul iustus et peccator (hereafter, simul).
With his doctoral thesis "Contemplation in Action: A Study in Ignatian Prayer" (1957), Joseph Conwell popularized the now classic Nadalian phrase contemplativus simul in actione in the English-speaking Jesuit world.
On the way to village Simul Tari, I recognized the road as one I had traveled one month earlier.
The second line down from the top, for example, should read when expanded: "In eo dum congregarentur omnes simul adversum me" (from Psalm 30; my italics mark the expansion of abbreviation marks).
aut delectare" (words which Matz uses in the title to his introduction) are clearly the first two elements of a tricolon that culminates in "aut simul et iucunda et idonea dicere uitae" (Arspoetica, 333-34).