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We could see the real as complete; we could ground ourselves back in the real, in the perfection of the present, instead of always striving for the simulacrum of the idealized past or the fantasized future.
many things, in the city's name, itself a simulacrum.
Simulacrum, as we all know, of course, is a Latin word that means an image or representation of someone or something.
He presents a description of Deleuze's literary theory, focusing on the concepts of simulacrum and rhizome, and conducts readings of Rushdie's novels Grimus, Midnight's Children, Shame, The Satanic Verses, and The Ground Beneath Her Feet based on the Deleuzian theory.
In the postsecular, as in the prophetic, the reader endeavors to move beyond this simulacrum toward a fresh reading and toward revelation.
Understanding this work as a simulacrum of an actual blues quartet, Feliciano developed other projects associated with it--for example, The Blues Quartet Poster Series, 2007, based on the appropriation of preexisting album covers, manipulated in accordance with the graphic identity imagined for the Blues Quartet, and which hung billboard style on a long wall of the gallery.
Hayworth as a studio simulacrum, an actor who's subtle Mexican traces were deliberately erased for profit and exploitation.
As a solution to this 'interpretive puzzle' Hussain suggests that 'Nietzsche's free spirits are engaged in a fictionalist simulacrum of valuing' (158).
Though this strategy has the aroma of the simulacrum, its end result seems less critique than a jolting of the imagination to infinite possibilities--in miniature.
Jean Baudrillard's definition of simulacrum, for instance, shattered the eternal art historical concern with the relationship between origin and copy.
The opening song ends with a glum simulacrum of a kick-line spread across the proscenium, with the actors looking as if they're kicking with 20-lb.
A simulacrum is a symbol without referent, or a surface without depth.