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Therefore, the myth residing in the political communication of cyberspace draws in the symbolic rhetoric of the masses which, according to Bard and Soderqvist's (2012) netocratic theory, fuels a false freedom and a simulacrum of the becoming-minoritarian process towards a majority.
For Baudrillard, the simulacrum is a figure for the symbolic realm of a postmodern society, a sign system within which images displace reality as the ontological base of knowledge and being, an image world within which "truth, reference, objective cause" have "ceased to exist" (1994, 3).
The way he recalled it, Simulacrum Tremendum started as a personal odyssey.
Simulacrum has been used to critique contemporary consumerist society.
And given Taylor's emphasis on the religious dimensions of the age of the simulacrum, it is surprising that he fails to present any sustained analysis of Jean Baudrillard's "The Precession of Simulacra," instead only quoting a long passage that he leaves unexplicated (104-05).
When Leo Liebenstein decides that his wife Rema is actually a simulacrum, and then starts to get drawn into a paranoid fantasy about how the weather is controlled by a shadowy conspiracy, how is he to recognize that he is deluded, when the delusion itself sets the conditions of his understanding?
The fact of Being simply is fundamental to any simulacrum.
Granted, it's a CGI simulacrum but it's still a pretty tall order.
The club announced that the bizarre simulacrum of the Thriller star is to be dug up and returned to Mohamed Al Fayed, who put it up when he owned the Premier League club.
Sultanik proposes a theory of contemporary cinema by drawing together two current bodies of knowledge: traditional cinema studies and Baudrillard's postmodern idea of the simulacrum.
The black and white video is called Simulacrum and Hyperbole.
The video's called Simulacrum and Hyperbole - a title that provides food for thought, if only you weren't distracted by Kylie's bum.