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As a consequence, fiscal and monetary policies alike too often have been prematurely or excessively simulative or insufficiently restrictive.
When crushed its seeds release a volatile oil that is simulative, light to digest and inhibits the growth of certain bacteria and yeasts, enabling it to function as a natural preservative.
Comparison of fundamental and simulative test methods for evaluating permanent deformation of hot-mix asphalt, Transportation Research Record 1789: 91-100.
Simulative analysis and equivalent reduction for microgrid.
PES has never been a game for those pleased simply by aesthetics and, despite the new Fox Engine, it's still wooden and systematic rather than simulative.
1996) Effects of pretest simulative and sedative music on grip strength.
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, addressing the Federal Reserve's (Fed) annual conference in Wyoming, said that simulative policies are still needed in regions that have struggled with prolonged weakness, especially Europe and Japan.
The validity of the questionnaire was calculated using the simulative method and the reliability achieved using Alpha Croanbach 0.
0 are nearly 'true random numbers', and the simulative precision of the MC-LN model is improved.
Al Bashier expressed his hope that the formation of the African parties committee would be simulative for the African people to development noting that the conference coincides with the revolution of development and growth in Africa.
He added that the two countries have to utilize the opportunities and the simulative investment atmosphere in the two countries to encourage foreign investment and movements of capitals.

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