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These elements have built the expressive and cultural languages of our contemporary world, and are the principle vehicles of simultaneity in all of our communication patterns.
Chapter three considers the possibility that phenomena of simultaneity and delay are all aspects of some infinite continuum: eternity.
Rather than producing a teleology, the marriage plot is a search for simultaneity, or what Barrett Browning calls "mutual time" that attempts to create a sense of the whole from discrepant temporalities and genres (4.
0] quantum of fluctuation at its respective point within the t-instantaneous spherical shell contained in a t-sliced surface of simultaneity for all the points in this shell, [for all] l.
The UCB technology was tested and matured in a rapid, agile environment and this was made possible by the collaboration and process simultaneity afforded by the MCBL," said Michael Anthony, CERDEC COBRA ATO manager.
Hence, it is fitting that the term "interaction" be replaced with "transformation" in literature supporting a simultaneity perspective to try to move away from causal connotations and to emphasize that there is one thing changing into another, not two disparate things interacting, interchanging or exchanging something with each other (Todaro-Franceschi, 1998, 1999a).
What Aristotle gives us, here, are criteria of identity that allow us to identify nows as well as temporal periods derived from different changes: the simultaneity of nows; the simultaneity and equality of temporal periods.
Moreover, since the TC922 has large electron capacity and this single exposure concept can provide simultaneity, it does not generate a synthetic gap problem as can be seen in CCD systems.
As McLuhan observed, "The simultaneity of electric communication, also characteristic of our nervous system, makes each of us present and accessible to every other person in the world.
Yet "Larger Than Life" overplays its hand when presenting this international cast of players, who in a different context might look askance at such limited company, especially in this age of web portals and global simultaneity.
The Lotus Sutra takes its name from the lotus flower, which symbolizes the simultaneity of cause and effect.
Passing Over": Neither remembered nor forgotten / but remembered and forgotten / with an uncanny simultaneity, / an image chosen at random / from the constant course of a life / or an image smuggled in, / stolen from the life of another, / takes on an inordinate weight, / an illegitimate density, / frustratingly conditional / in the context of a poem / that claims nothing for itself / and everything for the image / it is compelled to withhold.